Atomic Heart: GeForce RTX trailer, stunning graphics and lots of action in one video

It’s been a while Nuclear heart, Mundfish’s first person sniper. This is new Trailer Action-packed game, however, we can appreciate the visual qualities thanks to the power qualities GeForce RTX. Making this new video available is actually Nvidia, you can see it above.

Atomic Heart, essentially the most valuable indie, gained prominence as one of the first indie games to be promised Support for radiation tracking and DLSS technology. The first few movies featured strong radiation detection reflections, but this new GeForce RTX trailer is a little different.

Mundfish seem to have decided to focus more on radiation-discovered lights and shadows. Reflections are still there, remember yourself, but overall this is a new game trailer Darker tones than in the past: Atomic Heart is (more) an adventure with terrifying tones, no matter the thing.

The film opens with an overview of the character and a play area, where there are several moving light sources, precisely designed to emphasize the visual impact of the ray channel. However, in the second half, the nuclear heart agrees Some healthy first person activity, Between powers and shootings: The result seems to be very satisfying to the eyes and hands, eager to test the game.

Atomic heart, we remind you, some start Robots are starting to attack people The protagonist of the story must investigate the causes of these events and be able to confront who (or what) is behind the scenes. DLSS also claims that they have a close working relationship with Nvidia.

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We also recently found details about PC requirements and the game, duration and structure of the atomic heart.

Veronica Tucker

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