Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Resolution and frame rate on consoles, enhancements to PS5, Xbox Series X and PC configurations, and pre-release update

The launch of the .. the start of the .. the take off of the Legendary version of Mass Effect Fast approaching, and with him the arrival of A. Play Improvement, from Improved graphics, From Image mode And more. The game will only be released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, without release Next generation Dedicated, but if you are wondering In any decision and Frame rate He will run the game, Bio-ware Now give us the answer. The Must be, It will necessarily be on a personal computer, as many options can be configured to adapt the experience to our bikes and where The frame rate will increase to 240 fps.

On keyboards everything will be possible, thanks Modes that prefer quality or frame rate, And performance varies widely by platform. From 30fps in 1080p to 60fps in 4K Ultra HD or 120fps at 1440p, everything will be possible, and The display will be enhanced on the PS5 and Xbox Series X thanks to the capabilities of these controllers. Moreover, the Xbox Series X will be the only one capable of displaying 120 frames per second.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition offers a number of options for prioritizing visual resolution and / or frame rate, depending on your platform.

Sur PC, il est possible de jouer jusqu’à 240 images par seconde avec une fréquence de rafraîchissement maximale de 240 Hz. Les joueurs peuvent en outre modifier plusieurs options graphiques à tout moment pour ajuster librement l’équilibre entre le rendu graphique et les performances a set.

In any console version, players can choose between two modes:

  • Quality preference, which guarantees the highest level of visual fidelity against a significantly reduced frame rate.
  • Frame rate preference, which prioritizes frame rate by optimizing the original resolution at the expense of some graphics features.

The accuracy of the output and the frame rate, as well as the consistency achieved by these two objectives, depend heavily on the controller used. Please refer to the table below for more information.

The situation PS4 PS4 Pro PS5 Xbox One Xbox One X / Xbox Series S. Xbox Xbox X.
Quality enhancement Up to 30 fps at 1080p Up to 30fps in 4K Ultra HD Up to 60 fps in 4K Ultra HD Up to 30 fps at 1080p Up to 30fps in 4K Ultra HD Up to 60 fps in 4K Ultra HD
Frame rate boost Up to 60 fps at 1080p Up to 60 fps at 1440p Up to 60 fps at 1440p Up to 60 fps at 1080p Up to 60 fps at 1440p Up to 120 fps at 1440p

If you missed it, Bio-ware It was also revealed Minimum and recommended configurations for computers on its official website. Set up some space, you need at least 120GB of free space on your hard drive.

Minimum PC configuration Recommended configuration for a computer
OS Windows 10 64 bit Windows 10 64 bit
Healer Intel Core i5-3570 or AMD FX-8350 Intel Core i7-7700 or AMD Ryzen 7 3700X processor
RAM 8 GB of system memory 16 GB of system memory
Graphics Card NVIDIA GTX 760, AMD Radeon 7970 / R9 280X NVIDIA GTX 1070 and AMD Radeon Vega 56
Video memory 2 GB of video memory 4 GB of video memory
hard disk At least 120 GB of free space At least 120 GB of free space
DirectX DirectX 11 DirectX 11

So you know the latest details about Legendary version of Mass Effect, Whose release date is set on May 14, 2021.

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