An unknown game from the nineties presented in detail in French

At the beginning of this year, we shared with you a very detailed video made in France dedicated to the first Dragon Ball Z game released in France for Super Nintendo. Not only does this video review the popular fighting game, it has the luxury of revealing secrets that haven’t been talked about for 25 years. Good news for those who appreciated this video, its author has just handed it over.

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DRAGON BALL Z GUMBLE JACKET DUNDid it mean anything to you? Rest assured, you are far from the only ones. Behind this title hides the second and last RPG Dragon Ball Z to be released in Japan, and only in Japan, on the venerable original Game Boy. Not to leave fans of Akira Toriyama’s work in the dark anymore, Genki has just posted a video entirely dedicated to this game, far from being among the most popular DBZ mods.

In this very accurate production video, Genki goes back to several points: The context in which the game was released, its gameplay (to say the least), its story mode (and its multiple endings), its tips and tricks, its creators and even the media coverage it received at the time (in Japan and in France). In order to be as comprehensive as possible, he even mentioned the complete absence of marketing associated with the game upon its release.

There is more than just getting started

Your server is one of the Dragon Ball Z Gok Gekit Den owners who had trouble getting his gameplay. But we have to admit that Jenki’s video makes him want to give him a shot. Anyway, this video smells good at the time the Gabbalists were searching for any article regarding DBZ video games in the niche press (which was well aware of this).

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Finally, note that since Genki obviously doesn’t like doing things halfway, It even went so far as to provide a notice in French (accompanied by the translation of some game elements) tlchargeable In addition to the game’s soundtrack too tlchargeable. Isn’t life beautiful?

Do you know this Dragon Ball Z game? If so, have you tried it before? And if so, did you understand how the gameplay works? Did this video make you want to try it out? Tell us all in the comments below.

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