McDonald’s: Monopoly is finally back!

Good news for fans of McDonald’s and Monopoly! The popular game is finally back in our fast food restaurants!

It’s finally official! The McDonald’s Monopoly game finally back After two and a half years !

Is McDonald’s Monopoly Really Back?

Surely, McDonald’s customers can no longer believe it. In fact, it has been a very long time since the last time they passed by The joy of winning the Monopoly game Something McDonald’s.

And for good reason… the game that is Usually done every year In fast food he was on a two and a half year hiatus.

Covid requires launch planned for March 2020 and March 2021 It was a real failure. But all is well, which ends well!

In fact, we can now confirm the return of Monopoly for 2021 at McDonald’s! Mark your calendars: It will start on August 25th.

As before, the items will have removable stickers. All Therefore, you will be given instant prizes Which you can exchange at the counter.

but that is not all ! Game piece codes can also be entered and collected online for Win bigger prizes.

The match will last six weeks in total. Customers will have the opportunity Become a “McDonald’s VIP” With game pieces appearing on the selected menu items.

In addition to standard prizes such as game consoles and vouchers, 1,000 Gold VIP Card winners will also be able to claim Free average list every week At their local restaurant, for 12 months! Only this then!

McDonald’s: Monopoly is finally back!

Monopoly is always unanimous

The Mars game pieces have already been printed and dated before Covid. So McDonald’s has reused this packaging with obsolete game pieces to ensure promotion Can come back as soon as possible.

However, in-game coins will have incorrect expiration dates. But don’t panic, McDonald’s is urging customers to do so Check dates on private website Instead of assuming it’s actually invalid.

But apart from the famous gold cardsMcDonald’s has been quite conservative about what other prizes are available to grab. What does fast food have in store for us?

Knowing that the previous winners have He got 100,000 euros in cashMini Cooper cars or cell phones. Doesn’t it make you dream? At MCE TV, we are on top of things to play!

By the way, the game has been running since 2005, as well as fans Very happy to see him again. No wonder given the prizes to be won.

When McDonald’s tweeted about the return of the Monopoly game, one fan commented: “ Go for it ! I was expecting it! Who is better Save all my money in sight Lots of menu at McDonald’s. »

Another also wrote: Not He shouldn’t be too excited. » After two and a half years of absence, nothing abnormal that all the followers of McDonald’s and Monopoly are in trouble!

Just over a month to go, and You have many gifts! So we keep our fingers crossed to win a lot of the best stuff!

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