Books]Hacking a Tancred car or a human, the missile and the computer

It all begins in a kind of Breton Garden of Eden, where Camille and Grace love each other before the latter departs on a space mission. Because Grace is a pioneering astronaut, and Camille, a famous computer scientist. If feelings, then they are known, are eternal, then the history of this novel is dated to the near future. Actually, hacking A novel told by technology and knowledge. We talk about artificial intelligence as well as the conquest of space and hackers as well as the Voyager probe or even speeches about corporate social responsibility.

An unexpected return to Earth

The centerpiece of the story is a strange discovery made by a businessman, made into books for publication, about the future of the planet. The Voyager 1 probe, which has officially lost its tracks for several years, will continue to travel in space. Better (or worse, it all depends on the point of view), it would come close to Earth, which suggests that an additional ground force, having taken control, would have decided to send it back to the transmitter.


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