Media Library: Permanent Places and Game Zone

The Municipal Media Library has been installed in its spacious and bright new premises, on the second floor of the Town Hall, and is now open on Wednesdays from 9:30am to 12:30pm and 2pm to 5pm.

The public, provided with their health card from the age of 17, can come to read, view and borrow books.

New to the assembly, Florence is a town hall employee to secure the reception on Wednesday. She worked in a large media library in the Paris region and brought her competence, competence, knowledge for other audiences, and other ways of working. Joining the volunteer team, she showed herself as an enthusiastic and warm collaborator.

In addition to permanence, the play area is open to families (children under 11 must be accompanied) on Wednesday afternoons, under the responsibility of Florence and one or more volunteers. You are presented with games of strategy, memory, skill, reasoning, or just chance. It is up to everyone to choose according to their affinity. The first players, who showed up on September 1, didn’t see the time pass. The “King of Games” The “Game of Kings” is unforgettable! The game of chess will be started as soon as the interested people get to know themselves. We can then make an appointment.

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