Galtier aspires to find cash in the game

Before facing Reese on Sunday on behalf of the 20th day of Ligue 1, Christophe Galtaire set some of his desires. He also agreed to the arrival of Sylvain Armand as sports coordinator.

After successfully returning from his trip to Nimes, last weekend in the Ligue 1 (0-1), Lille is hoping to start a streak, and he will have to compete in Reims, on Sunday as part of the 20th day of the French League (17). Hours). On the ground, LOSC showed some wrongdoing in their performance, at least in the eyes of their trainer, Christophe Galliter, the Dogues’ trainer. The goal against Champagne, in addition to victory, is to reconnect with positive emotions.

“We have three weeks during which we only play one game at the end of the week, which allows us to work on our fundamentals in the technical, tactical and mental fields … We are back to the regular tournament. We must make use of these three weeks to find flexibility in our game, because in our last games, We cannot and must not be satisfied with the content, and he said in a press conference that it was not very sufficient, whether in our financing game, in our technical relations or in the mental aspect, about the efforts that must be made with each other.

“Armand isn’t there to work for hiring.”

Not ignoring the quality of his future opponent, he has admitted to knowing what to expect against Reims, the fourteenth in the Ligue 1, but has stayed in a five-game streak without losing, so far. “Reims is a team that is always difficult to play, always well organized for several seasons, very small in size and kept good results in recent matches. We know in advance that it will be difficult, that there will be an opposing defensive block that defends well and knows how to present itself fairly quickly. They also have one of the best goalscorers in the tournament at the top of the attack, ”according to his analysis, referring to the presence of Bolai Zia and his 12 accomplishments.

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Finally, he expressed his opinion on the inclusion of Sylvain Armand as Sports Coordinator at LOSC. “Given his career as a player, Sylvain has a great career and discovered the position in Rennes. Our conversation was very interesting and I know he is a good person. It’s up to us to quickly incorporate it into our operations so you can add value to the organization. His job is to put a little oil in the wheels, to make sure That everything that is important to the team is running smoothly, and he said that he is not there to work on recruiting or building a team.

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