Media Molecule artist recreates the Elden loop in dreams and the result is amazing

Obviously, Elden Ring has had a huge impact on every level, becoming one of the highest rated video games of all time. The level of expectation is that even developers use its dense and overwhelming framework to recreate their world in other media; And this is the case of this new story that brings us creators from Media Molecule, the creators of Dreams and LittleBigPlanet, recreate the image of Elden Ring in Dreams, demonstrating once again the potential of the title at a creative level. The result couldn’t be more surprising.

This is what the world of Elden Ring looks like in Dreams

Thus, artist and developer Martin Nebelong has Participate Through his social networks, the result of a project implemented in Dreams with the aim of recreating an image similar to that which can be found while playing Elden Ring. He even offered himself the luxury of sharing a full time screenshot in which we see how the artist works with Dreams tools to complete an image that can pass to get a screenshot from the new software.

So much so that he created all the elements visible in the image from scratch, from mountains to bridges, trees, plants and more, in addition to adding the effects of fog, clouds, lighting … Of course the result is amazing. The only item he reused, according to Nibelung himself, is the main character, since he extracted it from his other dream projects; Yes, he changed his clothes to fit the medieval and fantasy atmosphere of the Elden Ring.

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He even allowed himself the luxury of sharing the scene through another VR video so we could appreciate how he moved around the scene he created himself and get a closer look at all its elements and how he built them. put on stage.

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