Mescl’Art, a festival dedicated to video games, their history and development

This weekend, Saturday 14 May and Sunday 15 May, the Château de Lavérune welcomes fans of video games and geek culture, as part of a partnership between the municipality, students and teachers for the “Jam professions” course. Video” for Paul- Valerie University, Gamaturgie and ChatPitre as well as the Geek Event Association.

After a real technician

For Sohaila Guard, deputy delegate for culture, video games are really art: “The video game is an integral part of our culture and takes different art forms: music, painting, cinema, literature… Many artists are drawn to the design of a video game. It speaks about us and our society, gives us a view of the world and often carries a political, philosophical or satirical meaning.. .”.

In the program: conferences on the history of video games, their connections to art, game boards, tournaments to discover or rediscover some video games on your own, with family or friends. Introductory video game design workshops are also offered upon registration. Just like the “Game Art” exhibition about video games and many stands about games, virtual reality or displaying prototypes…

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