Messenger and Instagram work on ‘secure news’: Updates

For some time, Facebook Messenger and Instagram have been operating on ‘secure news’. There are works at any point

Instagram and Messenger continue to work on ‘secure news’ (Getty Images)

News with Final to final encryption Now widely used on many news sites. Think about it Telegraph signal, Which has been on the rise among new users, especially after the controversy surrounding the guidelines Share. Facebook has also been working with Messenger and Instagram since 2016 Such a system.

As of today, nothing is known about the possible release dates of the update, it appears We still have to wait. As you can see from a post posted on the official Facebook blog, in fact, it seems that design work should be completed before 2022. Bad news for all users and For their online security.

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Messenger and Instagram, user complaints

instagram messenger
There are already many complaints from users (Getty Images)

Lack of encrypted messages Facebook Messenger et Instagram A lot of users turn their noses – not a little. Work began 5 years ago and the light at the end of the tunnel has not yet been seen. The developers were eager to point out that this is a very demanding and time consuming job, Postponement of results to 2022. The news has not been picked up by users who have complained about a small attempt in recent years to give more weight to secondary features.

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Censor means that if important news does not come in the coming months, there may be a new release like this Like what happened to WhatsApp At the beginning of the year. There is no shortage of alternatives, and both Zuckerberg companies need to take action.

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