Baby Yoda: The coolest or the ugliest gadget ever?

Mandalorian The series that has a lot of fans star Wars They are excited all over the world, even those who have been disappointed like me Ninth episode. In addition to the distinct characters, compelling narration and dynamic and fast-paced action scenes, one of the reasons some viewers became interested in the series, or at least sparked their curiosity, is Grogu, better known as Baby Yoda.

His similar features to those of the legendary Gedi propelled fans to his nickname Baby Yoda When her real name was not yet known, which was first revealed through Ahsoka Tano’s lips.

Since its first appearance in Mandalorian Baby Yoda character is starting to spread on the network, more and more gadgets are being created. And more and more strange.

Today is the fourth of May Star Wars Day, Is the day when we saga veterans celebrate its history, and there couldn’t be a better day to tell you about the unusual support for the Amazon Echo Dot, whose shape was inspired by the head of Baby Yoda.

Amazon Echo Dot inspired support Baby Yoda

So you have an Echo Dot smart speaker, but you want to customize it. If you are a fan of Star Wars and the Baby YodaThen this Grogu-inspired support may interest you.

Now, the final aesthetic of the product is so unique that it is really difficult to determine whether or not it is pleasing to the eye. Personally, I find the result very entertaining, but I leave the final verdict on you.

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The support has an opening in the back for the device’s power cable to pass through and additional holes running the entire length of the bottom allowing the light from the Echo Dot to filter out:

Below, this is the final result, once the Echo Dot has been entered into this support for Baby Yoda:

Amazon Echo Dot Baby Yoda

If you are keen on adding this quirky Amazon Echo Dot based on a look Baby Yoda, You can buy it directly Who knows amazon.

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