Metal Gear Solid remake and Silent Hill Insider exclusive to PS5 –

Metal Gear Solid remake Is and is PS5 exclusive. Bluepoint, Sony reiterates that Silent Hill is in Japan studio and is in development.

We do not know how to take Katherine’s statements to this and tell the truth: that is itInternal All the rumors that have come up so far about being elusive are built on whose promise Silent Hill Produced by PS5 at Sony Japan Studios, the game has yet to be announced, although it has been anticipated every time at various official presentation events by Sony.

However, the fact is that it is gaining the trust of the restored Era forum reviewers, who may actually be aware of some of the facts, even at the level where everything is being said. However, the new information launched in the last few hours is particularly interesting, and we report it even though there is no guarantee of its authenticity.

The questioner reiterated that Silent Hill is at Sonnet Japan Studios and is in development, although the latter seems to be a bit inconvenient due to the major exits we have seen in recent months.

Not only that: a metal gear solid remake of bluepoint games (or more than one, a plural seems to be leaking), this exclusive PS5 will be there too. Also, internal that statement BluePoint Games will be permanently purchased by Sony In the near future.

Take everything as mere rumor, it certainly doesn’t control its authenticity, but it’s still an interesting conversation, especially since this isn’t the first time we’ve talked about a possible metal gear solid remake on the PS5.

Veronica Tucker

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