Mozilla’s “List of Shame” alerts you to spy tools

In recent years, connected items have often hit the headlines for the wrong reasons: Amazon’s Halo bracelet monitors your emotions, its Ring Doorbell communicates with the police …

Like every year, the Mozilla Foundation publishes a file ‘List of shame’And the It is also called TechCrunchOfficially baptized «Privacy is not covered» (“Privacy is not available”). “This year has given booze especially full of frightening devices, given the evolution of connected loudspeakers, connected cameras and connected trash.”, Writes website specialist for startups.

Most of the equipment developed by Amazon, with the exception of the Kindle, is on the list; They transfer a large amount of personal data to the company, which has not been proven responsible for its management. Facebook’s personal assistant, the portal, was installed for the same reasons.

There are also less expected things, like a connected coffee machine or a connected Moleskine notebook. Without the need to constantly spy, “They do not provide the type of data and security guarantees that any company should collect this information.”TechCrunch explains.

See the cup is half full

But the list also highlights privacy-respecting devices, like the connected watches developed by Withings or Garmin, or even the connected doorbells that compete with Amazon’s Ring.

This does not mean, however, that it is safe to use. TechCrunch recommends that you always go to Settings to disable, if possible, any license that seems too intrusive.

Mozilla offers other online privacy tools, Like Firefox Monitor, which checks your email address for a data breach, and Firefox Lockwise, a password manager.

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Several Mozilla Firefox extensions also help you protect your personal dataContainers: Firefox Multi-Account, Facebook Container, Cookie AutoDelete, Disconnect, Privacy Badger, Privacy Possum … However, make sure you install the correct extensions, otherwise you risk being spied on.

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