Metavers: The first virtual football stadium has been signed by Manchester City

The invasion of the Metfires also drew Manchester City. To celebrate his desire to tame this virtual world, the current Premier League champion has decided to build his first football stadium there. And that’s thanks to the help of a virtual reality (VR) expert, Sony.

At the end of a three-year agreement, City and Sony are considering developing a replica of the Etihad Stadium in the Metversite district. Although in the launch phase, the duo have taken it to a higher level by sending their own specialists to digitally map the stadium in question. This process precedes the development of a virtual reality version of this beautiful infrastructure.

A report from helps, we’ve learned of Man City’s potential transformation into a central hub in the world of virtual reality. This will happen after a series of image analyzes and the use of skeletal tracking developed by Hawk-Eye, a subsidiary of Sony.

On the side of Manchester City, whose fan icon was in the Top 5 Players of 2021, it is time to create scenarios that involve filling the federation frequently. Thus, it will be entirely possible for fans deprived of the ability to travel to Manchester to watch matches live from their homes. Choosing a location to watch football matches will not diminish this privilege.

Other concepts are also taken into consideration under this project. Among them we will note the encounters between players and fans in the metaverse, the possibility of communicating with our idols as well as the purchase of virtual things that are not without value in the eyes of the fans.

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Noera Tari, Head of Marketing and Supporter Engagement at City Football Group said:

Any point we can get from having the metaverse is that you can recreate a game, you can watch the game live, you’re part of the action in a different way through different angles, and you can fill the playing field as much as you want because it’s unlimited, it’s completely virtual. »

It is up to her to continue:

I think the traditional image of someone sitting on the sofa looking at a screen is something we can’t imagine going to be a reality even 10 years from now, maybe 5 years from now. Things are changing faster than we think. »

Will football succeed in Metaverse? In any case, it has the potential to revolutionize many things, including the way television rights are distributed.

source: vinbol

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