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Metroid dread It will be available in stores on October 8, 2021 – along with Nintendo Switch (OLED model). Nintendo recently released a new video as well Metroid dread Posted on YouTube, revealing the German voice acting of the game. In addition, the Metroid Dread Report Vol. 5 published, in which you will learn a lot of basic information about the capabilities of Samus Aran, including its various weapons and attacks. Nintendo also promises “new secrets” for the upcoming report (Volume 6) Metroid dreadIt will be revealed on August 27, 2021.

The X parasite, with the ability to mimic living things, is thought to have become extinct… until the Galactic Federation received a worrying transition that indicated otherwise.

Seven extraplanetary polymorphic mobile identifiers, also known as EMMIs, were sent to investigate the matter.

But shortly after the EMMI landed on the planet the broadcast came from… they disappeared.

Counter attack, morph ball, jump and ion skills… Versatile Samus. Are you looking forward to the release Metroid dread NS Nintendo Switch I hope so Metroid Prime 4 Also on the German audio output?

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