Mexico / Monica Vergara: “The game gives us a lot of learning”

Monica Vergara, the coach of the Mexican women’s national team, spoke at the end of the selection’s final preparatory match, during her European tour. She talks about the contribution of these matches to the team.

The women’s national team played its last match in the European Tour, against Spain. The final score is 0 goals against, without appeal. After the defeat, the coach is satisfied:

“I am very happy that the players walked hard, entered the competition and showed what we were working for.”

Monica appreciates the opponent’s value: “Spain was a worthy winner, it’s in a great moment, it’s a pleasure to play against a national team that has a solid playing model and high quality. Its players.”

The coach is already learning lessons:

“This duel shows us that the little details always make the difference. It is absolutely necessary to work on everything, both defensively and offensively, in every area of ​​the field. The game gives us a lot of learning to realize that we have to keep working every day. This game leaves us with a lot of work.” Positive things. “

Monica Vergara does not intend to stop there with her training:

We will “continue to work, and keep asking for these kinds of matches, because they are the ones who will force us to grow, improve ourselves, and above all, to shape the style of play that we must lead before any competitor.”

Monica appreciates the behavior of her players during the match:

“I am very proud of my players, they never stopped fighting during any part of the match. We realize that our field of opportunity lies in our physical, mental and technical aspects. She understands that this will take some time:

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“Worthy things take time, they don’t happen overnight. We are competing against the best teams, and today we had a great competitor. It’s a process and I’m convinced that when we’re in our bond they’ll be very proud of this generation.”

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