Michael Jay White (Spawn) as Blade in the Mavel’s Midnight Suns video game

Many people are eagerly waiting for the return code On the big screen, through a new incarnation of Mahershala Ali On behalf of the Marvel Studios. But the vampire hunter will be highlighted before in the video game Midnight from Marvel From Veraxis And 2K. We now know who would be interested in giving him his voice in the original.

From sawing to blade via Bronze Tiger

It was in a recent interview that the actor Michael Jay White He’s already revealed that he’s the one who’s giving his voice to him code In the next match Midnight from Marvel, a tactical RPG game inspired by the XCOM franchise that will see a team of Marvel heroes face off against the forces of evil. The game will be specially presented Fisher man, brand new character WolverineAnd Ghost rider where code, So.

Michael Jay White He is no stranger to the superhero universes and has already given his face and voice to many characters. Found in Simmons / spawn In the 1997 film of the same name (admittedly not his greatest work on guns), in Doomsday In the animated series Justice Squad, in a Personally to static shock, in a Jon Stewart In the video game Justice League Champions, as well as in bronze tiger in the series Arrow An animated movie Batman: Soul of the Dragon. So he can now add code To an already complete CV.

There is no specific release date for the game yet. Midnight from MarvelBut we remain vigilant.

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