Against all odds, TousAntiCovid could become the best mobile game of the year

“Amazing game”And “wonderful immersion”, “gg les dev”… You’re not dreaming: All these reviews have been posted TousAntiCovid app page. From a controversial tool contact tracing To a so-called free-to-play game, the latter will be experiencing a meteoric rise since its June 2020 launch. Did we all miss the National Easter egg?

Spoiler: No. Feu StopCovid, which became TousAntiCovid in October 2020, the app has never had any other purpose than fighting the coronavirus pandemic. Pollution detection using bluetooth, certificate generator, real-time statistics, vaccination history, health card … a complete digital arsenal deployed today on our smartphones.

To brighten up this sometimes disturbing universe, few users have overlooked the comment space in the Play Store. Objective: To criticize TousAntiCovid as if it were the games. Among the many opinions – more than 200,000 only for the Android version – we came across real nuggets. And of course, we had to share the best ones with you.

End with variables

Multiplayer function

FPS mode for optimization

Multiple inspirations

L’aspect free-to-play experience

real g4m3r

meta review

Joyful collective delirium, because a large number of users have moved to the game since the launch of the app. No offense to Secretary of State Cedric or, that doesn’t make it so “The most downloaded French app in history”. If TousAntiCovid is already at the top of the ranking of the most downloaded apps on the French Play Store, then VLC holds the record for a French app: more than 100 million downloads for the Android version.

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Do you have any cheat codes for TousAntiCovid? Write to us at: [email protected].

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