Microsoft Aircraft Simulator: Star Wars Ships Thanks to this mode

The most famous ships in the universe Star WarsSuch as the X Wing or the Millennium Falcon were introduced in Siriuso Microsoft Flight Simulator. Thanks to the imagination and skill of the Ekman 28 who recreated these famous aircraft within the game Mod.

Per Download for free Star Wars ships in Microsoft Flight Simulator, but they are not the only ones This address.

As you can see from the video above, you can install some ships to use on the plane, and some aesthetic elements to enjoy the thrill of controlling some of the finest aircraft in the cinema Star Destroyer Should be placed above Sydney.

The effect that can be obtained is alienating, because on the one hand we are complete Realism In Microsoft / Asobo Studio Simulator, on the other hand there is nothing more than “normal” for lines and functions. But watching the sunset behind an empire journey is truly spectacular.

Ekman 28 not only recreated the ships of Star Wars, but also inspired other popular TV series. Bottlestar Galactica Or Star Trek. In fact, you can download a Silent Rider, a Silent Firefly or a popular company.

The most demanding Bopa Fed can even fly that. What do you think about this benefit of God?

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