The Green is Better salad bar brand launches its mobile app

For the New Year, salad Bars is introducing to its customers and licensees a new mobile app, available on iOS and Android: Green And Me. A digital innovation that aims to facilitate the buying process and the retention of consumers.

Green is better

The leader in licensed organic and green salads

The great strengths of the concept: profitability and efficiency!

A complete and efficient mobile app

The Green And Me app will now allow all Green is Better salad network customers to create and order their healthy meals or snacks directly from their iOS or Android smartphones. All this while choosing a delivery or pick-up option for delivery at their favorite restaurant. Modernity removes all the brakes and thus simplifies the buying process.

The application developed by Green is Better has also been enriched by an innovation designed to further facilitate the buying process for consumers: an e-wallet called a GreenPay wallet. The latter comes with a € 5 welcome offer upon downloading the app. But also many other gifts. For example, each customer will receive € 15 in their e-wallet on their birthday, plus bonuses every time they top up their GreenPay wallet.

Finally, the app makes it possible to set up an effective loyalty program designed to boost restaurant customers in the network. Thus, customers who own the Green And Me app will be able to sponsor friends and thus take advantage of specific benefits, accumulate points, convert them into euros, with every order, and find the nearest Green is Better salad bar in just a few steps, wherever they are.

Through this mobile application, the Green is Better brand offers its customers a tool that simplifies their lives and licensees with a powerful and innovative lever for growth and loyalty.

Would you like to open a healthy salad bar within a dynamic, innovative and dynamic network? Visit the Green is Better Brand Page to learn more.

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