Microsoft and Google are preparing for the “copy and paste” revolution

Microsoft Currently working, cooperating Google, A New API package (Abbreviation Application programming interface) This makes it possible to significantly expand the possibilities offered by well-known people. “Copy and paste”, Used daily by many around the world. According to colleagues from Digital Trends, Called the new API Pickle clipboard, In fact, allows copying and pasting of a wide range of file types.

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Currently, Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers only allow you to copy certain file types with native applications, including JPEG, PNG and HTML. Thanks to the Pickle Clipboard API, the same function can be done, for example, with Word documents (.docx), Raster images (.TIFF) And many formats that are not specifically designed for the Internet. The use of these new APIs will undoubtedly provide many benefits for exchanging files Weight (Advanced web application) And desktop applications, starting with Google Docs and Google Sheets, which may support Office 365 file types and more.

Credit: Microsoft
Microsoft Edge

More specifically goes, Pickle Clipboard APIs Allow Websites “Read and write arbitrary payloads using standard pickle format, as well as read and write a limited subset of OS-specific formats (to support legacy applications). The clipboard format name is modified by the browser to indicate that the content comes from the web, allowing it to accept native applications“But not only that! APIs allow developers to have more control over the copy and paste process with custom formats.

Unfortunately, we do not know when these APIs will be officially available, but we will not miss updating about them immediately in the future.

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