Microsoft errors by updating incompatible PCs

When Microsoft introduced Windows 11, it made a huge impression. However, this OS update is controversial due to Redmond’s own hardware requirements.

As The Verge reminds us, except for some models, Windows 11 requires a PC with an Intel processor from 8e Generation or Zen 2. To run Windows 11, your computer will also need TPM 2.0.

In essence, many devices are stuck in Windows 10, because Microsoft decided to set the level too high. Redmond Corporation makes this decision in no way. In a post published a year ago, I wrote:

“Windows 11 is designed and built as a complete suite of experiences, unleashing the full power of the PC our customers depend on, including areas like security, reliability, compatibility, video conferencing, multitasking, gaming, creativity, building, learning and more. We need a minimum system requirement that allows us to By expanding software and hardware to keep pace with users’ expectations and needs and harnessing the true value and power of a PC to deliver the best experiences, today and in the future.”

When Microsoft throws oil on fire

Anyway, as if all this wasn’t enough, Microsoft recently made a huge mistake. As part of the Insiders Program, which allows testing of future Windows features, the company accidentally updated PCs to Windows 11 that are usually incompatible, due to hardware requirements.

The incident was reported by many users on social networks. In response to one of these posts, Microsoft admitted its mistake, stating that an investigation was already underway.

“It’s a glitch and the right team is investigating it. Thanks for letting us know.”Redmond wrote in response to a user who reported that their computer had an Intel 7 processore Jill, which is usually incompatible, received a proposal to update to Windows 11.

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On Reddit, another user wondered if Microsoft had finally changed its mind (which it didn’t).

Windows 11: A message will appear if your computer is not compatible

Note that it is possible to force the installation of Windows 11 on an incompatible computer. However, Microsoft discourages this, saying that these devices will not benefit from their update guarantees.

Also, if you install Windows 11 on a device that doesn’t meet Microsoft’s requirements, the operating system may display a message that may end up convincing you to switch back to Windows 10.

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