Narrative horror game from publisher Shiro Unlimited premieres on video

after, after deepShiro Unlimited announces a file Waiver. The narrative horror game developed by Parisian studio Atelier QDB shows us the full extent of its scary being with a first video.

horrific trailer

In a 2D atmosphere, this narrative horror game will put you in control of Gloria. A cabaret dancer, our heroine who seeks to manage her career, relationships, and even her self-esteem must face another world inhabited by dreams and the worst nightmares that exist. We can see on the trailer that in addition to the items Purely narrative, the title will also provide us with clashes against particularly annoying enemies.

Furthermore it, The puzzles to solve will be part of the game, and the bosses will be faced as well. evenly, Waiver Also inspired by storytelling From various cult films including David Lynch films (Mulholland Road) or Satoshi-kun (perfect blue). Suffice it to say that Parisian studio Atelier QDB game is somewhat envy, and we hope the result will be captivating once the title controller is at hand.

Regarding the date of its issuance, Waiver at present Fixed for 2023 without further details on PC.

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