Microsoft is suspending this Windows 11 update, and is restarting your computer frequently

And here we are again with a Windows 11 update causing computers to crash. After realizing that one of these programs was making personal computers unusable, Microsoft decided to suspend its publication.

Microsoft is suspending this Windows 11 update, and is restarting your computer frequently
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Will you recover from a simple error after updating Windows 11? Or have you eaten too much lately? We understand you. It is true that problems with Microsoft's operating system at the moment have very serious consequences. So, users have every reason to worry when they see the icon appear and they are asked to restart their computers to update it. This time, it is KB5039302 Which is in question.

However, it is interesting on paper because it adds many features to Windows 11. For example the possibility Compress files to 7-Zip or TAR format Directly from the context menu (right click> Press to). The update also brings back the button to change the desktop to the default taskbar. Unfortunately, it is also capable of rendering your device useless.

This Windows 11 update can render your computer completely unusable

After installing updates released on June 26, 2024 (KB5039302), some devices may fail to boot. Affected systems may reboot repeatedly Recoveries are required to restore normal use. This issue is most likely to affect devices that use VM tools and cross-virtualization features, such as CloudPC, DevBox, and Azure Virtual Desktop.“, he explains Microsoft.

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Subsequently, The company suspends the deployment of the update It's time to understand the cause of the error and solve it. In theory, the latter should not affect many carriers Home edition of Windows 11 Since they are less likely to use virtualization tools. But if this is your case, it is safe not to install update KB5039302 at this time, especially sinceThere is a known way to work around the problem.

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