Millions of new stickers are coming on WhatsApp: Here’s how

One of the most popular features of Share They are DroveAvailable from October 2018, in particular Animated stickers Introduced in July 2020. According to WhatsApp, stickers are sent every day by users from all over the world Billions.

For this reason, WhatsApp has been introducing more and more stickers (animated and other) over the months, during app updates, to keep its users entertained and provide a practice for that. Import stickers Released on Play Store and App Store. Given “Hungry for stickers“However, now WhatsApp has decided to go one step further: allow users Import directly into the application Stickers made with third-party applications, they actually are Million. It is already possible to do this, but it follows a very uncomfortable and unofficial procedure, while it can be done in a much simpler way with the next versions of WhatsApp and drivers without resorting to external tools to create a customized application.

New stickers on WhatsApp: How it works

The news is not for everyone at the moment: WhatsApp is releasing it to users in Brazil, India and Indonesia these hours, with beta apps 2.21.40 for iOS and for Android.

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These users can now download one of many Utility to create animated stickers Start creating new packages (each package must have at least 3 stickers, or it will not be imported from WhatsApp). These apps allow you to create animated stickers from video shot with multiple smartphone camera, which makes the matter a lot easier.

Files created by these applications will be saved.Webpage, One that WhatsApp uses for sticker packs. There may be new packages at this point Imported into WhatsApp Without further ado, as published by professional developers.

WhatsApp, extra features along the way

There are many messages in the pipeline on WhatsApp: some are only available in beta applications, others come in official applications as well. Possible for example Disable video Or label them before sharing “Read on later“.

But the real news that all users are waiting for, which is already in the testing phase, worries WhatsApp Web: In the browser version of WhatsApp, in fact, we have long awaited the arrival of the possibility of making group calls and video calls, as has already happened in the smartphone application.

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