The first Nintendo Wii U update in three years

The last update was updated in 2018: It improves the stability and usability of the system

(Image: Nintendo)

With the resounding success of the Nintendo Switch, we tend to think of its predecessor console Wii U Like antiques. On the contrary, what was the Japanese company’s first portable static hybrid model was still alive and well, so much so that it was three years after the last time. Receive a firmware update Which improves the user experience.

Yes, we’re in 2021, the Switch is crunching records after another and preparing for the debut of the Pro version – possibly at the end of the year with its first Open World Championship title. Pokemon – The glorious 3DS has seen support officially stop, but Nintendo has prepared and Widespread Unexpected Wii U update package will arrive worldwide naturally for free two and a half years after last, dated September 2018.

This is the Version 5.5.5 Interface, which is introduced very briefly as it was developed for Improve system stability and usabilityPlus other small tricks to take advantage of the experience. In short, there are no exciting additional features, but a clear sign that Nintendo is still unforgettable by the millions of users who play every day with the old console.

As explained (see a tweet) by some enthusiasts who have researched the maintenance update package,The update should affect the SSL code This allows the device to communicate securely and verify remote servers.

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Some users dread the idea that the update might have an intention It makes console changes more difficult. In fact the Wii U can be appropriately revised to be able to reproduce a large amount of games especially from previous consoles like Nes and various Snes, but above all Gamecube and first Wii. The older the firmware, the more feasible the procedure is, but there is no evidence for this hypothesis.

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