Mistakes made by many and irreparable damage to the mobile phone

The phone is a real accessory. We use it all the time during the day and we can admit that most of us always have it on hand. But considering this widespread use and the importance that the smartphone now has in our lives, we need to take care of it. Above all we must avoid some trivial mistakes that can compromise its proper functioning. For example, in “Here are the mistakes we make everyday without knowing that it will destroy our cell phone”, We mentioned a few. Also in our previous article “A nasty surprise lurks for those who charge their mobile in this way“We shed light on the mistakes that many people make. Today we want to do the same, pointing out two supervisors that have consequences that everyone may not notice but have undesirable consequences.

Mistakes made by many and irreparable damage to the mobile phone

The first thing we need to look good about is charging our mobile. When deciding to plug a smartphone into a socket we should always pay attention to how we handle it. In fact, many people, due to urgency, tend to connect and disconnect the battery cable with mild dosing. While this gesture may not cause concern at first glance, it can actually have undesirable long-term consequences. In fact, after various treatments of this type, the micro-USB port of the mobile phone will break very easily. It should be without charging our smartphone and can not erase even a little bit. We have to spend a lot of money to fix it so it works just like before.

We try to be careful of any kind of virus and do not ignore it as notifications do not appear

Another problem that many people have is usually about malware and viruses. Unfortunately, one of these is that it is not difficult to get on our phone considering the time we spend. Website. Perhaps due to an oversight or error we open the pages that carry these viruses into our operating system. Also, instead of dealing with them immediately, we will leave them alone because we will not always receive a warning notice. This can be a problem for a long time. When we see a virus on our phone, the first thing to do is to immediately install an antivirus that can protect the smartphone. So, we now know the mistakes that many people make, which can cause irreparable damage to the cell phone.


Always disable this feature on your phone if others do not want to hear your calls

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