Mobile educational radar in the city

It is currently installed on Boulevard du Maréchal-De Lattre-de-T

“The educational radar that we put in place, on Friday 12 March, with the help of the technical services of the town hall, on the avenue Maréchal-De Lattre-de-T the Municipal Police of Saint-Paul-lès-Dax.” As its name suggests, it allows motorists to check Of their instantaneous speed (in green, if they match the signs, in red, if they exceed the maximum), but then, it records data (speed is safe, but also attendance and transport times) that is analyzed in cooperation with the National Police. And if necessary, target speed controls are in place. “

Mobile radar

It is a mobile radar powered by a solar panel. After two to three weeks of gathering the information, the small detection eye with a large memory will scan vehicles at another location. In fact, Saint-Paul, like many other cities, has sections of wide, straight hubs of traffic that encourage drivers to crush mushrooms. Future locations will be the result of observations of municipal police officers, but also of complaints and reports from residents who are scared in the morning between 7 and 8 in the morning, when hiring, or between 12 and 1 in the evening. Those trying to make up for lost time or by trained pilots of all ages, motorists or drivers, modern-day knights, who feel protected by their steel armor, do not hesitate to tempt the Devil.

Today, cold radar warns. Tomorrow, his less understanding cousins ​​will be able to pay heavy fines.

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