Xbox Game Boss directs the development of Microsoft’s first party games – Nert 4. Life

Xbox Game Boss This is a great subscription service, especially in terms of value for money: it’s been repeated for some time, and it will never be true. However, that said what it is The real impact on Microsoft’s first party games? Benji Sales says the impact on exclusives is significant.

As you can see in the tweet below, Benji Sales gives two examples. The sea of ​​thieves, RARE’s online sandbox game could count 10 million players by January 2020. In one year, however, it reached 20 million, doubling the number of users: thanks to the influx of new players through Game Pass, which has grown from month to month.

Second example from bench sales Forza Horizon4. In August 2019, the driving title of playground games could boast 12 million users. However, by November 2020, he had doubled the total number of active players to 24 million. This, too, was driven by growth with the arrival of new Game Pass subscribers.

Games like Forza Horizon 4 and Sea of ​​Thieves are playable and suitable for subscription services. Apparently We should not underestimate the consistent support of developers, Especially in the case of the Sea of ​​Thieves, which are updated and expanded from month to month.

As for Benji sales, in any case, the current decision is due to Game Pass. Are you a subscriber?

Finally, we point to Microsoft’s official video guide for xCloud on the Xbox Game Pass.

Veronica Tucker

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