Mobile game being tested on Android

Last month, video streaming platform Netflix officially confirmed its intention to expand its offering to the video game space, first with a proposal on mobile. Games that will be included in the Netflix subscription at no additional cost.

Testing has just begun in Poland with two Android games – already known – based on the universe of the Netflix series Stranger Things: Stranger Things: 1984 And Stranger Things 3. ” It’s a very early stage and we have a lot of work to do in the coming months, but it’s the first step “, shown Netflix.

This experiment answers a question that arose. The games can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and it is not about live streaming. Clearly, cloud gaming is not in the… Netflix of video games.

Once you download the game, you will be asked to sign in with your Netflix credentials before you can start playing. As expected, there are no ads, in-app purchases, and other forms of monetization.

Available games can be found directly by searching on Google Play, but they are also offered on the Netflix app level to learn more about them and before linking to the Google Play Store.

A somewhat shy suggestion from Netflix at the moment which nonetheless cautioned against an effort over several years, and a relatively small start.

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