On Valentine’s Day, VineaLove introduces itself to a mobile app version

“Valentine’s Day, What’s the Best Date to Relaunch VineaLove, the International Dating Site for Wine Lovers?” Asks its creator, Francoise Pauli, founder of recruitment company VineaJobs. Online in June 2013, during the Vinexpo Bordeaux trade fair, the platform was defined as a meeting site, social network, and professional network for wine hobbyists and professionals. The site had 10,000 members in the past (thanks to a network of ambassadors around the world) For Somil In 2017 by Françoise Poli, when she was hired as a recruiter by Grard Bertrand Estates (which also prompted her to leave VineaJobs). When asked to relaunch her site, Françoise Poli indicated that she is now dedicating herself to it full-time to reach and exceed 10,000 new members.

“It seems to me that singles today, who can no longer meet in bars, restaurants, clubs or cultural venues, have become especially isolated due to the health crisis. VineaLove allows them to establish contacts with other unmarried people who share their passion for wine and Teruars and exchange views, Via messages or video. You find the soul of course! ” Refers to Francoise Poli.


For its relaunch, Vinealove features an updated logo and a new graphic universe. Starting February 14th, the online communication tool will be operational and will soon be available on a dedicated app (on the App Store and Google Play). To complete your profile Vinyllover, Prepare “Nice pictures, catchy and revealing word of humor, honest description and above all your tastes in terms of wines, grape varieties, terroirs!” Vinealove advises. If registration is free for the first three months, then prices will be 14.99 € per month, 34.99 € / quarter, or 49.99 € / semester.

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After discussing savoring evenings among its members in the past, Vinealove points out ” Renaissance “ It’s still digital at the moment. VineaLoveNights will resume tasting evenings around vineyards as soon as health permits. Meanwhile, we will be organizing online events for the VineaLove community, just to create links and share tips’ Refers to Francoise Poli.

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