Mobile gendarmerie brigade for greater proximity

The first scoops were given. While the small town of Brion-pri-Thwet has been chosen to host a brigade of six mobile gendarmes in the future, the housing project was only just launched in the middle of the month. By the end of June 2024, the future residential area will be maintained to house the police and their families, with the reception scheduled for the beginning of July. “ After that, the builder will be able to apply for a building permit and then things should be fine.”Trusts Thierry Dechereau, the mayor of the small town.

There is no actual office, but a converted truck

The launch date for the activity of this new mobile squad has not yet been determined, which will work in ten municipalities north of Thoarses (1), and depends mainly on delivering homes and receiving employees. “We were initially told that the municipalities concerned would have to provide places to accommodate the gendarmes. But according to the latest news, we no longer have these instructions, as they will have a converted truck equipped with an office, where the gendarme can accommodate two people.The elected official continues. Thus, the soldiers would travel throughout the region, staying half a day every two weeks in each town.

The question is: while the Thoar gendarmerie station is located 7 kilometres away, what is the point of establishing a mobile brigade in Brion Pre Thot, in an area that faces petty crime? “Her goal above all is to be close to the people and to make the gendarmes more visible. Since the closure of the Gendarmerie in Argenton Ligues in 2011, we have lost this precious contact. At that time, they took time to chat. When I was called to an incident, they recognized me when “Today I have to introduce myself” I arrived., specifies Thierry Dechereau, as if to emphasize the distance from public services on municipal territory. This brigade will also be responsible for ensuring the smooth running of events organized locally during weekends.

Brion, a strategic choice

However, the choice of location for this new mobile brigade was not clear from the beginning. In fact, two other municipalities were also candidates: Lauritz d'Argenton and Lozi. Each mayor was asked to present the assets of his municipality, highlighting his merits in welcoming the gendarmes. I believe that the municipality was chosen for strategic reasons. “In addition to amenities, Brion is centrally located and close to District 938.”comments Thierry Dechereau.

The soon planned installation of an au pair house, and the acquisition of the grocery store by a new owner wishing to develop co-living, in the immediate vicinity of the residential property currently being developed, would further improve living conditions. “I was expecting a quiet end to my term, and I think I can draw a line under it.”The city councilman laughs.

In Deux Sèvres, another gendarmerie brigade is also scheduled to open in the future. This will be repaired, based in Icheri, near Niort.

(1) The ten municipalities concerned are, in alphabetical order: Brion-Pré-Thuet, Lauretz-D'Argenton, Loze, Pas-de-Jieu, Saint-Cyr-la-Lande, Saint-Léger-de-Montbrun, Saint-Léger-de-Montbrun. -Martin de Macon, Saint-Martin-de-Sanzay, Tourtenay, and Val-en-Venier.

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