How to delete an account on Airbnb, the fastest way

Deleting your account on Airbnb is complicated: here's how to remove your personal data from the platform

How to delete your account on Airbnb –

We are tired of using Airbnb As a base for traveling and figuring out where to sleep? It can be anything as long as you want to delete your data from the platform. Precisely in this context, many users have highlighted various difficulties in removing their information from the site. It's not that the platform doesn't allow it, but the mode isn't easy without a guide specifying the steps. Here are our recommendations in this regard.

Remove information about Airbnb and why

There is no major reason for it Remove our account on AirbnbHowever, it remains a site widely used by Italians and Europeans. A citizen may decide to remove their account from the site for personal reasons, from the desire to travel with other standards or by seeking help from competing sites. To bid farewell to the Service, you must remove your account. What should be a simple step actually turns out to be a very complicated step and not really accessible to all citizens. Let's find out why.

Deleting an account on Airbnb: method –

How to remove our data from the site

Helping us in this matter Gabriel Cozzoli, an IT security consultant for enterprises. The method is simple, but only if an expert explains it. To remove us from the site site, you must type the following link:

By entering this site, a page will appear where we can Perform elimination operations. If the link opens in English, you may instinctively follow the word “delete”. A second link will open, useful for deleting your personal information on the platform.

Once you do this via the link, Airbnb will send you an email Confirmation email In the choice you made. In this case, you need to tap the message and follow the instructions inside to finish deleting your data. As we know, the methodology of this site is also common in other sites related to online commerce or tourism. These business realities have complicated the ways to remove your personal data so that you stay on the pages as much as possible and literally lose the fantasy of abandoning this service. Therefore, we recommend that you always rely on a web professional who can help you with this need and above all go through the personal data settings on these sites. As you can see, with a good amount of patience you can solve your problems in a few minutes.

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