Mobile: ONATEL-SA is now Moov Africa Burkina Faso

Since January 1, 2021, ONATEL is in Africa. To realize this name change, the public was invited to Laïco Hotel on Wednesday 6 January 2021 to attend the presentation ceremony for the new branding and corporate visual identity.

The American sociologist Alvin Toffler once said: “Change is not only necessary for life, it is necessary for life. Therefore, living is adaptation.” In this sense, ONATEL-SA seeks to adapt in order to keep pace with innovations, to adapt in order to continue its rise, to adapt to always be part of the trend of development and to adapt to remain a leader in Burkina Faso. This change to adapt to changes in the digital economy ecosystem and meet customer expectations led to the rebranding of ONATEL-SA to Moov Africa Burkina Faso.

Meaning of the Moov Africa motto

This change will say that the first director of the company, Sidi Mohamed Naimi, responds not only to the need to align the identity of the company with the development of activities in the telecommunications sector, but also and above all, to the need for an exposure to the public, a company that is a member of a large telecom group: Maroc Telecom.

The two visual identities are the motto of Moov Africa

A member of Maroc Telecom Group since 2006, ONATEL is a subsidiary of the telecommunications operator located in Africa with more than 70 million customers, including 10 million in Burkina Faso. Maroc Telecom Group covers 11 countries in the African continent with the aim of bringing together, strengthening and modernizing telecommunications in other African countries.

Moov Africa Managing Director Sidi Mohamed Naimi and his assistants
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One identity for collective synergy

The group’s former subsidiaries were ONATEL-SA, Gabon Telecom, MAURITEL, Moov Bénin, Moov Centrafrique, Moov Côte d’Ivoire, Moov Niger, Moov Togo, SOTELMA-Mali and TIGO-Tchad It is now operating under the new brand Moov Africa in order to capitalize on the group’s synergies. They are Moov Africa, according to Mr. Naimi, to signify one graphic sign, the strength of the group and the commitment of Maroc Telecom to put its expertise at the service of each of its subsidiaries. For the General Manager of Moov Africa Burkina, Sidi Mohamed Naimi, developing under one brand means enriching it with differences, as it shares experiences and expertise to strengthen skills.

General Manager of Move Africa, Sidi Mohamed Naimi, during his speech

Why Move Africa?

Moov Africa is a symbol of Africa in motion, Africa in full technology development, and the ‘One Africa’ vision of Africa wins. Moov Africa is the affirmation and illustration of African knowledge, the positioning of African brands in telecommunications, serving Africa and benefiting more than 70 million Africans.

The guests who attended the show

Moov Africa is also about being in tune with the times, if not before others. That is why the General Manager of Moov Africa Burkina will say: “Innovation is always the search for performance”. He also reaffirmed the commitment of the entire company to accelerate the modernization of the infrastructures that are already in operation for the continuous improvement of the quality of service and the confidence placed in Moov Africa.

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