Mobile payment is a key ally during major events

Major sporting events provide an unprecedented opportunity to showcase the cultural wealth of the host country. However, to achieve the growing tourism goals, it is necessary for the tourism sector to equip itself with the necessary tools.

On the occasion of the Olympic Games in Paris, France is preparing to receive an unprecedented influx of international tourists, which poses a major logistical challenge due to differences in consumption and payment methods. This is the case for Asian tourists, who sometimes have customs that differ from those of France. Faced with this diversity, players in the sector, and authorities more broadly, must ensure comprehensive payment solutions to meet the expectations of these tourists.

Mobile payment platforms make transactions easier.

For the 2024 Paris Olympics, Visa, the official partner, will benefit from banking exclusivity to make the minimum purchase in an Olympic store. An unprecedented situation that will affect many foreign visitors as well as Asians who are accustomed to using other bank cards. Therefore, new and legitimate concerns about cash management and the risks of fraud and theft that are emerging require a proactive response. This is how cross-border mobile payment platforms emerge as key partners.

One of the key strengths of these platforms is their ability to simplify transactions between individuals and merchants, while reducing financial barriers and processing fees. By centralizing payments and offering real-time expense tracking, it represents an effective alternative to cash or bank card transactions. For example, thanks to cross-border mobile payment solutions, Chinese travelers can make purchases from French merchants without leaving their order, thus traveling without worrying about their liquidity, while benefiting from competitive exchange rates and VAT refund solutions.

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Mobile payment platforms serve the local economy

The effectiveness of cross-border mobile payment platforms also lies in their ability to stimulate the local economy. The Olympic Games provide an international platform for promoting French products and services, and enhancing the country's reputation as a leading tourist and economic destination. Local companies benefit from global exposure, as the economic benefits can be felt directly in the host country's GDP.

We can agree that major sporting events provide a unique opportunity to boost the local economy, encourage tourism, and enhance the international reputation of an entire country. By leveraging strategic tools such as mobile payment platforms, it is possible to maximize economic benefits by allowing tourists to consume more flexibly using payment methods they are familiar with.

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