In Lanvaudan, “Requirements in terms of transport, mobile telephony and Internet connection” – Lanvaudan

How did the transition proceed in this completely new context?

The transition between the two teams went well. The new municipality has five formerly elected officials and ten new members. With former Mayor Serge Ganjocks, we visited the elders, and it is a joyful moment that lived well. Solidarity has always been essential between the municipality team and municipal employees and it was reassuring. I was able to discover how enthusiastically the municipality is operating. “

What are the plans for 2021?

We have applied for grants to develop and secure entrances to the village, to establish a skate park on the initiative of the Children’s Council, and to conduct the thermal renewal of two municipal housing units. We are also moving towards the future of Maison Jaouen (building five rental housing units). But the big project concerns the work of the Church of Saint-Maudez, on which the study began, as well as the work of the Church of Lomélec. We also want to involve Lanvaudannais in two days of cemetery and laundries cleaning to protect the environment and promote heritage. ”

And your place in Lorient?

Lanvaudan is involved in the Territory project. We have needs in terms of transportation, mobile coverage and internet quality. We look forward to visiting them! “

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