Mobile Phones and Digital Enhancers for the African Economy

Mobile phone penetration among young Africans has doubled in a decade, and the continent now has 27% internet access. That’s a number that was unimaginable just a few years ago, according to the World Bank. This shift has created new opportunities for economic growth, innovation and social development.

If Silicon Valley is the temple of technology,Africa is the Mecca of mobile payments“Orange plays a key role by investing more than $1 billion annually to improve networks and infrastructure and deploy its digital solutions,” says Fatoumata Ba, founder and CEO of Janngo Capital.

Because mobile payments are becoming key to growth and inclusion in Africa.”It is a way to train and access financial resources.“It’s a very exciting time for us,” recalls Judicaëlle Okemba of Pami Partners, It is also the average access to electricity and health.“Just as it is possible to sell your products and connect to trading platforms that connect small producers and artisans. The mobile phone is also a means for states to collect taxes.

Infrastructure development and youth training

There remains the issue of investments and venture capital.”It is necessary to facilitate joint investments in future technologies.“Thanks to increased connectivity and the emergence of digital technologies, Africans have unprecedented access to information, financial services, education and economic opportunities,” points out Laurent Saint-Martin, director of Business France, the government’s economic development agency.

However, this rapid transformation is hampered by the persistence of the digital divide, inadequate communications infrastructure, cybersecurity challenges, and socio-economic disparities.”We need to overcome regulatory hurdles and develop infrastructure.“But also producing the energy to fuel them. Just as we must focus on female entrepreneurship.

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