Mobile telephony: ARPCE unveils its first 2022 report on the quality of mobile networks

Presented by Benjamin Mouandza, Director of Electronic Communications Networks and Services at ARPCE, the first campaign to assess the operator’s network performance for 2022 was related to the voice and data services provided by MTN Congo and Airtel Congo operators in 2G and 3G.

The tests were specifically conducted in the localities of Kakamoika, Madingo Kayes, Musandjo, Makabana, Komono, Sibeti, Boko-Songhu, Mvwati, Boko, Kinkala, Likana, Djambala, Okuyo, Iwo, Bundji, Makwa, Bukola, Mukiko, Empfondo and Ebina. The regions were mostly reassessed privately by the organizer for this campaign, in contrast to the September 2021 assessment which was aspiring to be more comprehensive.

In all tested locations, operator Airtel has a better 2G network than operator MTN. Airtel’s 3G network ranks first in the score obtained with some important indicators. The report mentions the absence of MTN’s 3G network in Kakamoika, Boko Songhu and Mvwati, and notes that the operators generally provide acceptable quality internet service with the exception of Boko Songhu and Mvwati where the quality of service data is critical to Airtel. Just.

In the northern hinterland, MTN 2G is ahead of Airtel, even if some indicators identified a deterioration in certain areas tested. To be convinced, the report states that MTN offers a critical 3G network in Ewo and Makoua and an incomplete coverage level in Impfondo, which is the same for Airtel.

“In Lékana, Djambala, Boundji, Okoyo and Mokeko localities, Airtel and MTN, in general, provide high quality data service. On the other hand, in Ewo, Makoua and Epena, the data service provided by the two operators is very important. Benjamin Mwandza, at the end of his presentation, added in front of representatives of operators who promised to correct the situation in the next six months.

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The problems are known. They are technical. We have already started improvements in some areas. It also started covering certain areas. As far as Airtel is concerned, three of the four sites are already covered in a six month period. There is only one website left to run. We have pledged to ARCPE to meet the deadlines within the next six months.”said Max Bohuyi, Director of Regulation and Legal Affairs at operator Airtel Congo.

Although the operators have defended themselves, the regulator, through its acting general manager, Victor Mabiala, has issued a formal six-month notice to MTN and Airtel regarding network faults. In some areas tested since the QoS campaign in September 2021 , but still defective.

Benjamin Mwandza recalls that operators have six months to improve services, who noted compliance with the specifications while welcoming the latter’s progress in stabilization seen in these areas in terms of network coverage. This is thanks to official notifications that inculcate commitment motives at the risk of being subjected to multiple penalties prescribed by law.

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