The weak boss of the game can beat everyone else, the video proves it –

Elton Ring Its tutorial includes an employer Godrick soldier. This is a surprisingly weak enemy for the player, but he should not be underestimated. Streamer Skumnut, using a mod, made sure that the boss stood up against everyone else and proved that he was (almost) capable of winning on his own.

Skumnut created the boss Evaporative The employer uses a mod. As you can see from the video at the beginning of the message, the warrior is really powerful. He can easily fire many bosses. At times, the player used some healing or power-ups to help Godrej Soldier, but overall the player could take care of the employer on duty while watching.

The match was held in NG + 6 To further complicate matters, Skumnut says at the beginning of the video that he should probably switch directly to NG + 7. In the case of Rennala, the player had to lend a hand to summon the AI, as the AI ​​could not figure out which enemy to attack, and the creatures that deflected the AI ​​appeared endlessly.

Apparently The Soldier figures They should aim at an opponent, not to call: this is not the official Elton Ring feature, so you can not determine how “balanced” the game is, but it is very interesting interest.

If you like special challenges, here is a video showing how 163 Elton Ring bosses were defeated in a single victory.

Veronica Tucker

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