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The Mod Satsuki Yadoshi, or SYW, lets you run the PC version Final Fantasy VII High resolution and i Modernized characters, Fulfilled the dream of many players at once, believing that Square Enix would officially create something like this.

Now in its fifth edition, SWY It is based on artificial intelligence, which uses in-depth learning techniques to increase the resolution of game resources. It is fully configurable and allows you to determine what to put in high resolution and what not to. Some options, such as advanced animation, are more expensive and can cause depression.

However, by starting the mod the following elements of Final Fantasy VII can be set in high resolution: 2D background, world map, background of battles, effects of battles, minigames, fonts and fonts game menus and movies. If desired, the gods can also be introduced More modern characters Instead of the original images, the music of the PC version can be replaced with the PlayStation version.

But it does not stop there, because SYW allows you to select screen resolution, graphics libraries for rendering, scaling of rendering resolution, anti-alias status, Vsync, onsiotropic filter and more. In short, it does a great job of updating Final Fantasy VII incredibly. We are not up for a Final Fantasy VII remake, but we can imagine that many fans might like this approach to modernizing the game.

Final Fantasy VII used with SYW mode

SWY download and other information

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