Modify Viti’s specifications

In order to be able to provide high-speed fixed internet services, Viti has applied for permission to use Frequencies (AUF) with the goal of deploying its new access network. The investigation concluded, in light of the quantities and availability of the required frequencies, that the applicant’s needs were met.

Despite the delay taken by Viti, particularly regarding the deployment of the Internet access service on the islands, the DGEN (Directorate General of the Digital Economy) issued a positive opinion on the operator’s AUF request, with specific amendments proposed to government authorization. This is the subject of permission to use the frequencies granted to Viti by Decree of November 20, 2020.

French Polynesia enjoys complete sovereignty to allow the use of public resources over a shorter period, in particular with the aim of encouraging operators to deploy on the islands and thus respect their specifications. The license granted to Viti modifies its specifications. In fact, the Post and Telecommunications Act states that any commitment that an operator expresses, generally through a request to obtain operator status or permission to use a frequency (AUF), is listed as a commitment in the specification, and then submitted for approval to the Cabinet.

Confirming operator Viti’s commitment to creating a 4G-LTE network and providing the corresponding 4G services, these modifications to the specifications were submitted to the Cabinet. In light of the commitments made by Viti in its request to the AUF, the modification of its specifications relates specifically to the deployment of its planned 4G LTE network over a two-year period, in the company’s archipelago. The specification amendment has been prepared in consultation with Viti in order to ensure its accuracy in relation to the needs expressed and the commitment made.

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