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The great thing about gaming systems today is that you can have a console-level experience wherever you go. Whichever system you use, you can set up your account for remote operation on a phone, tablet or computer.

Let’s say my wife has taken possession of the living room TV. I can play the Xbox Live app in my office and use my console to play my console games, in real time, on a second screen. Most modern consoles have options for remote games. All you need is a strong internet connection – like Verizon Fios or 5G Home – remote startup app and console. Even some manufacturers like Microsoft and Google allow you to play your games in the cloud, so you won’t have to stay home to play your console games. It would be great to see how 5G is playing a role in this area as these cloud gaming services have become globally recognized.

To make your life easier and protect your gaming accessories, OtterBox has launched a series of portable gaming accessories designed to protect your console, support your phone and provide a luxurious case to take everything with you on the go. There is also a two-way horizontal screen protector so you can play your favorite games without anyone near you looking at them.

Watch the video above for a full review of OtterBox mobile gaming accessories from Jeff Picado, Professional Games and Solutions Specialist at Manalapan, NJ Store.

OtterBox gaming accessories are now available on Verizon. Visit for more information or to request your information today.

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