Moonlight Sculptor – MMORPG Moonlight Sculptor by XL Games, will finally launch in the West next month

Signed by XL Games studio (ArcheAge) and headed by Jake Song (Lineage’s father), the portable MMORPG Moonlight Scupltor will finally be launched in the West in May. Until then, pre-registration is open.

Like many South Korean developers, the studio XL games He became interested in mobile MMORPG games and at the end of 2019 the studio launched Moonlight sculptor in Korea. However, the game stands out from the MMO collection that plunges mobile platforms: firstly because Moonlight Scupltor is signed by Jake Song, the father of the MMORPG in Korea (to whom we owe Tale of the Wind at the time) Proportions), Secondly because it is adapted from the Nan Hee-sung novel series which is very popular in Korea and finally, because Moonlight Sculptor not only brings the mechanics of MMO games on PCs to mobile phones, but also imagines a more designed gameplay for smartphones and tablets – by integrating Many social game mechanics, housing, crafts or cooking, or even many secrets to discover while exploring the game world

Thus, the game is already available in Asia, and Moonlight Sculptor is finally preparing to launch in the West, now scheduled for next May – first of all, we remember that XL Games reported a global release in the third quarter of this year.
Pre-registrations are now open in Official Website And as usual, the more players who respond, the more rewards they will share during the release – various bonus levels are planned from 100,000 to 500,000 records (in Korea, the game attracted more than five million pre-registered).

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For the record, the Moonlight Sculptor offers five primary classes (Alchemist, Archer, Mage, Paladin, and Warrior), but above all it allows you to unlock new chapters while exploring the game’s world – secret chapters are available, in particular regarding the sculptor who sets Some of the abilities that characters can access.
The game includes PvE mechanics (dungeons, some of which have random content and must be explored in a group), clashes between players (PvP), but also and above all more social features that invite you to immerse yourself in the game. The world with other players, to unlock its many secrets

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