preload available, the weight of the exclusive PS5 revealed –

Next week PS5 players will finally get a chance to get their hands on it Will return, The new exclusive PlayStation 5. produced by Housemark is very interesting and many fans have decided to pre-order it on the PS Store. Well, if so, find out preload is already available, I.e. the ability to download the game in advance. And, of course, it allows you to find the weight of the game in advance.

Revenue will weigh in at 56GB On the PS5, at the time of writing this message. Apparently The final weight may change After the arrival of Patch T1 (probably increasing). There is also the possibility that the development team will use the first update to improve the game and reduce the weight, which is obvious, but it is the least option of the variety.

Return: Pre-loading Disposable

In any case, the ability to pre-load ensures that even those without a high-end connection can download on the PS5 without speeding up the return. Is the release date (and the activation date of the digital version of the game) April 30, 2021, We remember you.

Finally, here’s the pending review we tried on PS5: “We like to return, no need to hide it. We like how the character moves, how the game world changes after each failed attempt, how the game progresses quietly without interfering with each other. Like nature, power ups often have negative implications that force you to continue to choose, and we want the protagonist to change based on what she sees. ”

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Finally, we point out that the Return Dynamic operates at 4K and radiation tracking at 60 fps.

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