Mother’s Day 2021: smart gadget, hi-tech da supereroina

Athletes, traveling and tiring, they increasingly value the help technology can give them to manage daily tasks, be it work or family, and to express themselves through sports, hobbies and interests. To better celebrate Mother’s Day 2021Here are the hi-tech gifts to please them.

Superhero makeup

The Limited Edition Dedicated to Wonder Woman – Image Credits: Kiko Milano

Designed for your mom, ready to save the world, the perfect gift for Heroine Day celebrated all over the world: the limited edition dedicated to Wonderful woman Occurred Kiko Milan Made with foundation, lipstick, and eye shadow to better express our superhero. Indulge yourself with the following:

  • A whole host of exclusive offers Make-up, skin care and accessories Let your natural beauty shine through

Unusual texture Performance, water resistance and long lasting * Combined with bold finishes for a charming and elegant look

a Rich palette From Colors With intense and magnetic shades for the perfect look from day to night for any occasion

Packaging An exclusive design inspired by the iconic colors of the iconic heroine: gold, blue and red come to life, releasing intense shine

what are you waiting for? What is strength and beauty Wonderful woman With you!

For geek moms

Lavazza Coffee Machine with Alexa Integrated - Image Credits: Amazon
Lavazza Coffee Machine with Alexa Integrated – Image Credits: Amazon

Alexa, make me an espressoWith four simple words your mom can Personalized coffee preparation Designed to your liking. Dream? No, one of the best gift ideas for mother’s Day. Voice of Lavazza “A Modo Mio” Its first espresso machine Alexa Integrated, which allows not only to prepare coffee, but also to control all smart devices in the house. A perfect gift for moms who can’t say no to espresso, and for the love of the comforts of home.

Mother's Day 2021, Give Wardrobe Ultra Technology - LG Styler - Image Credits: LG
Mother’s Day 2021, Give Wardrobe Ultra Technology – LG Styler – Image Credits: LG

For those who didn’t know him yet, LG Styler It is a smart wardrobe designed to refresh, sterilize and remove moisture from clothes. Thanks to TrueSteam technology, that’s Kills up to 99% of allergens and bacteriaThis device is able to sterilize clothes with a single steam jet. Moreover, thanks to the special care cycle, the wardrobe was able to perfectly preserve the condition of the fabrics, without damaging them in any way. And if your mom is a working woman who loves to wear a business suit, this is the job Care for the wrinkle of pants It will always allow you to actually prepare, clean and level it.

Greetings to super moms!

We forgot SupermanAnd the BatmanAnd the Spider Man And all other comic book heroes. They should make a movie about you, Super mom! Thank you for being our life’s heroines. We hope you have suggestions about what we give of Mother’s Day 2021 I served them. Regardless of what you choose, the gift should start from the things that keep you together, from your experiences, from your memories, from the characteristics of your relationship. You will be sure to choose The perfect Mother’s Day gift Only if you could draw with both hands It’s one of the little things that you and your mom share every day.

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