Disabling Caps Lock: Three Great Tips for Windows

The Lock Key, also known as Caps Lock, is driving some users crazy. The right tools tame the capitalization feature. We have the downloads.

DrCaps Lock copies the rules for uppercase and lowercase letters by capitalizing all letters. Some people find this capitalization rude: users in forums, for example, often interpret this as shouting and those seeking advice don’t necessarily get the advice they want with spellings like HILFE. Alternatively, there are sometimes instructions about business etiquette, that is, internet etiquette. It doesn’t have to be intentional even with all-caps: As a general rule, you hold down the shift key to do this. You’ve most likely pressed Caps Lock briefly in such a case. As a result, Windows capitalizes everything you can get your hands on the keyboard. The numbers become special symbols, 123 like this! And “become”? Aside from proper names like COMPUTER BILD or the rare case of trying to say something out loud over the Internet, Caps Lock is a little in use and instead a hindrance in what follows, we offer a hint of onboard resources and two external software Freebies for troubleshooting.

These tools annoy Windows when it comes to Caps Lock:

1. Disable caps lock for numbers only

Do you find Caps Lock useful on its own, but not always? You rarely hit the key by mistake, and if you use it consciously, you want to write capital letters but leave the numbers in their pure form? It makes sense here to activate the secret IBM keyboard layout in Windows. Caps Lock maintains its functionality, but no longer affects number entries. In Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10, press Win-R and enter intl.cpl a. Despite the similarity of the names, this has nothing to do with the manufacturer of the Intel CPU.

With Windows 7, the “Region and Language” dialog box opens, with Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, a dialog box named “Region” opens. On Windows 10, you do the following in the Settings app. We collected the clicks needed to adjust keyboard settings: “Windows & Caps Lock: Type numbers and punctuation as usual”. By the way, IBM Layout can be selected when installing Windows, but very few users take the time to read the relevant dialog, let alone click on something other than “German”. The latter is the standard layout and can be quickly confirmed by pressing the Enter key. But that means a little extra effort to mark “Deutsch (IBM)” directly below.

2. Replace Caps Lock with Ctrl

Microsoft provided with Sysinternals Suite A powerful suite of portable software that analyzes and optimizes the operating system. They are gladly overlooked in a mixture of more than 70 instruments the control. This app turns off Caps Lock LED and reassigns Ctrl’s main function. Ctrl stands for Control in English, and its shortened form is Ctrl. The name of the tool Ctrl2cap is derived from this. After you step in, you no longer connect to Task Manager with Ctrl-Shift-Escape, for example, but also with Caps Lock-Shift-Escape. For printing, Ctrl-P, known as the Caps Lock-P hotkey, is attached.

To install, first unzip all Sysinternals utilities, for example in the Desktop folder. You can create it quickly with Ctrl-Shift-N; The key combination has been in existence since Windows 7. Then open the admin command line (press the Windows key, poultice Type, hit Ctrl-Shift-Enter) and type cd <مسار المجلد> a. replace <مسار المجلد> The directory store location that contains ctrl2cap.exe. You can copy this to your RAM by clicking on the folder with the right mouse button while holding down the Shift key and choosing “Copy as Path”; With Ctrl-V, you can paste the contents of the clipboard under Windows 10 at the command line behind a file CD a. In Windows 7 / 8.1, this requires right-clicking in the CMD window, then selecting “Insert”; On Windows 10, the right-click method works as well, but choosing “Paste” is unnecessary. Entering the following command now has an effect on the correct folder context.

Enter in the command line ctrl2cap / install a. As usual with Sysinternals, the EULA query appears (ESecond abbreviation Uto be Theicence agreement and terms of use). Confirm the EULA pop-up window by clicking OK. To take over the intervention, restart Windows. Uninstall works the same way (cd <مسار المجلد>), It is necessary here ctrl2cap / uninstall.

In testing, Ctrl2Cap worked perfectly with Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 20H2 operating systems (October 2020 Update, everything checked with 64-bit system versions).

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3. Set various functions to lock in uppercase

Disable Caps Lock: Tools and Keyboard Layout b

CapsLock Goodbye says goodbye to the Caps Lock / Caps Lock key or its standard function. You can choose to drop an effect when the button is pressed, or assign a new one. In any case, it must be reconfigured.

How to do it: Start capslockgoodbye.exe and confirm Question from UAC with Yes. Open the top dropdown menu from the “Caps Lock” menu. Select “Disabled Key” if you do not want any functionality. Otherwise, choose one of the entries below: “Windows Application Key”, “Left Windows Key”, “Right Windows Key”, “Left Shift Key”, “Tab Key”, “Start Calculator”, “Open Workspace”, ” Play audio / off, Start / pause media player, Web browser, or Search. Confirm “OK” and answer the question whether you want to restart Windows with “Yes”.

The Windows app key means you can use the Caps Lock key to open the context menu in the future. Keyboards often have a dedicated real key (on computer keyboards to the right of the Windows logo key to the right; laptops usually don’t have this). With “Tab Key” turned on [Tabulator] About Me; This allows you to jump from input field to software input field. When setting the calculator, you must be careful: it is important to press Caps Lock once for a while; Then calc.exe starts one time. Pressing the button down makes longer calls to the onboard resource computer multiple times to gain access to wasted RAM, reduces clarity and makes it necessary to end all cases. The “My Computer” setting is based on the Windows XP slang: There is a file manager, Windows Explorer is called this way, and this entry in the right area of ​​the Start menu is called “Computer” since Windows Vista (the name from Windows 8.1 is “this computer Profile “).

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