Multiplayer shooter is on the way

Vail VR is on its way to compete with titles like Population: one And beyond. So it is an online multiplayer shooting game developed by Aexlab Studio. It’s even his first VR game. The title will soon land on Steam.

Aexlab Virtual Reality title is now available in Wishlist in Google Play Store list. Alpha testing is already underway, and players can request access. The studio also recently released a video that allows them to preview some snippets of the game’s gameplay; however, the release date has not been announced yet.

Vail VR: 2 game modes available

Vail VR is a grim reality world in which two factions are at war. So it is about REYAB and the colonists. They of course fight for the control From the game world.

In this title, players are entitled to two game modes, one of which is called primary the tool. Tactical photography is emphasized in the game, and the same is true for teamwork and high-level combat. It also depends on realism.

This little power distinguishes it from other shooting games. Apart from that, it offers a complete animation of the different characters. Yet, however, there is still many To find out the address. We talk, among other things, about a variety of cards and post-launch support.

What VR platforms will the game have on?

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It is clear that it is the owners of the VR PC headphone that will have the privilege of playing Vail VR first. Unfortunately, nothing The game’s compatibility with the Oculus Quest and PSVR.

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