Need for Speed ​​is late, the benchmark shifts to Battlefield 6 – teller report

It was during an interview with Our colleagues are from Polygon That Laura Millie, Studio head At Electronic Arts, it’s about republishing the Criterion Teams on Development Battlefield 6, Along with DICE. “Games are hard to develop from home, and DICE teams are a bit tiredSo the standard must lay out the development of the next part of the saga The need for speed Wait, it’s time to complete that Battlefield 6. Frustrating situation for the studio? Laura Millie wants to be reassured:We would never make such a decision without including the criterion and discussing with them first. […] They have worked in Star Wars: Battlefront, on Battlefield, and have a very strong relationship with DICE. I am sure that would be positive for themThe standard has already made a hand to DICE on both Star Wars Battlefront but also Battlefield 5 By developing the situation Battle royale Baptized Firestorm.

Redeploying Criterion teams is also intended to be strategic, shortly after Electronic Arts announced the acquisition of Codemasters. Indeed, the arrival of the racing game specialist in her barn guarantees that she will welcome at least one such title in its catalog this year, with F1 2021. So Electronic Arts wants to reassure lovers of the licenses: they are not in any way in danger, and it is mainly difficult to implement an ambitious and complex project like Battlefield 6 In the context of the health crisis that prompted the publisher to take this decision. “Video games are one of the most complex and complex forms of media, and they require creativity and communication between members of the development team.Laura Milley continues.I think there was, you know, fatigue and some fatigue working from home. All this can only be explained by family duties; Some people take care of their children at home while they are working. So our productivity is not that high, and creative communication and creative energy are not as important, when working at home.“.

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So let’s hope that boosting the benchmark brings comfort to the DICE teams and that developing the Battlefield 6 Then resume it next The need for speed It is done in the best possible conditions. The first, for now, is still year-end on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series. As for the second, it will be necessary to be patient because Electronic Arts has already announced a postponement of its release until 2022, which will not prevent its release on the older generation of PlayStation and Xbox. In addition to the new version. One.

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