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Functional yet perfect – clean the windshield with the laser light Instead of classic spaces? over there Tesla He’s thinking about it, he’s done something more by filing a patent for this. The process was a long one, starting in May 2019 while the official filing was on September 7, 2021, but eventually the patent was made official. Existing wipers have a good level of functionality, as long as the rubber blades are in good condition and the washer fluid reservoir is not empty, and it helps a lot in rainy weather, but will need an update. In the case of bird droppings or insects that are squashed with speed, it seems to work perfectly.

All-purpose laser Patent subject matter Tesla Talking about “cleaning the debris accumulated on glass materials and PV arrays with pulsed laser lightIf the description is general, then one of the accompanying graphics (where the various 210A, B, and the like are specks of dirt) represents a Tesla car and thus the “glass elements” are at least the car windows. The word “at least” is related to the fact that Tesla self-driving car Y . model In Italy, it will have autopilot for a fee) likely to rely solely on video cameras and ultrasonic sensors, as pointed out several times by Elon Musk. Thus, the “debris detection circuits” mentioned in the patent could act not only on the windshield, but also on the lenses of the cameras that clear the road for autonomous driving.

And the eyes, what do you think? – Depending on how much dirt is detected and where it is, the direction, intensity and focus of the laser beam is calibrated to hit the problem area and burn dirt. So laser scanners subordinate Tesla It can operate with negligible forces and then the question arises: if the windshield is cleaned, the front seat occupants do not risk eye damage? The answer can be in the patent abstract, which literally mentions the fact that “the exposure level is so controlled that the depth of penetration of the laser beam into the glass is less than the thickness of the glass itself.” This should preserve the integrity of human eyes as well as camera sensors and photovoltaic cells. New Tesla wipers could debut in electronic truck Its prototype was presented without spaces.

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