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Timberburn tried, the creator of the city, played by the Apocalyptic Beavers, who are more than worthy human beings.

The human race has finally destroyed itself by turning the earth into a playground of wind. However, there are survivors on the planet and some species have the ability to transform themselves, evolve into intelligent creatures, and create and exploit the remaining resources to grow their civilization. A game with post-apocalyptic beavers, what could be the problem? We said within ourselves. It will be a light product, aimed at viewers looking for carefree, almost casual video games. Who else will watch it? We told ourselves over and over again.

Then we have Timberbourne We had to change our minds because we are on the side of Factorio rather than the city builder for mobile devices.

Give us a tutorial

When mastering the game system, you can create better constructions

The first thing to look for when you start a timberbore game is a Training Deserves the name. We know it’s still in early access, so there’s time before all the features are included, but the lack of a sensible introduction to the game for such a complex game is still a serious matter, which can motivate many potential buyers. Basically the so-called tutorial is made up of a few pop-up messages that give us some goals but do not explain anything about what we are doing. They say: create this and create another, leaving us in the dark about most game mechanics, and then, when it is not yet clear how the interface works, they serve us well and leave us completely. It sounds more like a joke than an exercise. Of course, experiences make up for the lack of descriptions somewhat, but some aspects are still unclear, so some make the mistake of not knowing how buildings work during construction.

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We welcome you a For example This should be clear to everyone: one of the first demands is to build sheds for loggers and specify which trees to cut down. In any other game built, the building will be collected automatically, instead you must use a special key to locate the workspace.

Not bad, someone can tell if someone explained something to us! Now, project yourself into the hours of the game and imagine how long it might take Disappointment To examine the behavior of each building, we may understand its function, but it is difficult to use in the game. Why are some links not immediately possible? How does science work? When do Beavers breed to increase the number of citizens and consequently the number of workers? These are all hanging questions, at least until the player tries again and fails to give the correct answers. This translates to a very slow and sometimes annoying game.


Another timber birth town
Another timber birth town

Overcoming the massive initial setback, Timberbourne begins to show his best face The creator of the city Complex and diverse sandbox, which requires a certain ingenuity in managing resources and it can cause interesting problems such as the fight against drought or the rational development of our urban integration, which can be developed from a small village to a real city. Distinctive surroundings between them. As desired, the player is initially invited to store basic resources such as wood and food so that he can build houses for the beavers (otherwise sleeping outside) without having to think about recreational areas.

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Once the situation stabilizes, he can begin to develop ambitious goals such as creating a fully automated area, with an eye on production and an eye on ecology. From this point of view, the possibilities are enormous, and it is up to the player to engage themselves.

The world is a beaver now
The world now belongs to the Beavers

The construction system is precisely designed, allowing for very different urbanization in between Buildings Can be built on many levels, stairs to help make use of mountains and rocks, as well as some buildings, the opportunity to adapt the environment to our needs and so on. In the absence of all the promised content already for the final version, we are faced with a complex topic that allows us to create exceptional cities, their impressive verticality, whose living function quickly failed to take on an aesthetic value. Of course, there is a lot of flop for now, but the existing drawings (you can create new ones via the internal editor if you wish) allow a lot to change the construction style, which gives the timberphone a longer lifespan.


Graphically it certainly does not sound like a miracle
Graphically it certainly does not sound like a miracle

From Technical overview Timberbourne is not so surprising. Beavers ’appearance is exploited only in a superficial way to categorize the game world from a visual point of view, although it is always lead and aseptic. Buildings are not exceptional, and in most cases they resemble something that defines their function. On the other hand, some animations are so bad that sometimes it is not natural to place the raw materials on the construction site or the movements of the beavers. Saving the mechanical title from this perspective is the possibility of creating bigger and bigger cities, which will automatically become beautiful even when proposing impossible architecture. There is time to progress, thankfully … otherwise what is the use of initial access?

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Timberborne is a particular game, however, which does not give much hope to its assumptions. If not for the early tutorial, especially for newcomers, especially those with budget-conscious decisions, it would still make for a better city, with some features still unread. The advice for developers is to make the entry of the game less complicated if you want to get any chance to face tough competition.


  • Vertical construction system
  • After all, it works


  • Lack of training makes it difficult to get into the game

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